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Cassowary, A Rare Giant Bird With Long Claws Kills Florida Man

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A cassowary, a giant bird with long claws on each foot, killed its owner after he fell in the backyard of his Gainesville, Florida, home. The owner was a breeder of the rare bird that is native to.

9 days ago · Cassowary. Big flightless bird kills its owner after stumble in Florida. Fox News. A large, flightless bird, similar to an emu and native to both Australia and New Guinea, killed its owner when the man fell down on his property in Florida, authorities said Saturday. According to The. A rare giant sunfish has washed ashore at the mouth of the.

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Ostrom compared Deinonychus to the ostrich and cassowary. He noted that the bird species can inflict serious injury with the large claw on the second toe. The cassowary has claws up to 125 millimetres (4.9 in) long. Ostrom cited Gilliard (1958) in saying that they can sever an arm or disembowel a man.

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Rare giant bird kills Florida man. Marvin Hajos, 75, of Gainesville, Florida, fell in his backyard and was then attacked by his pet cassowary, a giant bird from ratite group that also includes emus and ostriches. Native to northeastern Australia and tropical forests of New Guinea, cassowaries have three-toed feet with long, sharp claws.

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