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Kindle and ePub Versions of Bankruptcy Code

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This version contains all of the latest versions of each set of the national and local rules and Bankruptcy Code. Satisfaction Guarantee: You will always have a.

Kindle and ePub Versions of Bankruptcy Code (Updated) posted by Bob Lawless One of my crack research assistants, Scott Cromar, put together electronic versions of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (FRBP) that can be read using Amazon Kindle or an ePub reader.

You don’t need a specialist device like a Kindle either. for the Pro version. Premium features include importing multiple ebooks simultaneously, adding notes, editing metadata, and copying text..

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Bankruptcy Code in ePub and Kindle Formats posted by Bob Lawless For readers putting together course syllabi in the bankruptcy area, this post is just a reminder that my able research assistant, Scott Cromar, and I put together ePub and Kindle versions of the Bankruptcy Code and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.

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Note: you can get a PDF, ePub, or Mobi version of this handbook for easier reference, or for reading on your Kindle or tablet. has passed that it’s not worth discussing how pre-ES5 code worked..