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FBI Agent, Police Officers and Others Charged for Investment Scheme – Mortgage Fraud Blog

Former Police Officer Admits Role in Mortgage Scam.. a jury had convicted then-Plantation Police officer Joseph DeRosa and former Plantation Police officer John Velez of fraud charges, and acquitted three current police officers and an FBI agent.

A 46-year-old Utah man is in custody and has been charged. other investment schemes and may have victimized investors in Utah, California and other states. Anyone who may have invested money with.

Blackburn to serve 72 months in federal prison for wire fraud, making a false statement to a pretrial services officer, and escape, U.S. Attorney John Walsh, Denver FBI Special Agent in Charge..

Tondreau turned herself in to the regional fbi office tuesday morning, a day after FBI agents came. conspiracy and wire fraud charges and is set to be arraigned June 30. She is accused of.

A former Chicago lawyer who now hosts a national radio talk show was indicted on federal charges for two mortgage fraud schemes that defrauded lenders out of nearly $10 million.. police officer.

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Clinton Crime Family Exposed.. Wynn has been arrested five times during the last six months while out on bail for aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, violation of a restraining order, terroristic threats and driving while intoxicated.. and children died after FBI agents used.

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Criminal Fraud VS Civil Fraud: What’s the Difference? Fraud is a crime that many people equate with theft, but there is a distinction. There is also a distinction between criminal fraud and civil fraud.. The basic difference between theft and fraud is that theft generally involves taking something through force or by stealth, where fraud revolves around a purposeful misrepresentation of fact.

A former investment. Fraud Bureau. “The men and women of the FBI will continue doggedly go after those who lie, cheat and swindle their way into stealing the hard-earned savings of our senior.

LAS VEGAS – Following a 37-day jury trial that began in October, a federal jury has convicted a former Las Vegas real estate broker, her husband, and a third woman who worked in the nevada real estate industry, of conspiracy and fraud charges for their involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme that caused over $24 million in losses to federally-insured banks, announced Daniel G. Bogden, United.

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