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WWE Chris Jericho striking a chord with touring Fozzy

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WWE News: Chris Jericho Will Be Forced to Leave WWE After ‘Wrestlemania 33’ Due To Commitments For Fozzy.. According to a new report, Chris Jericho will be returning to Fozzy shortly after Wrestlemania in April. The band will begin touring on the summer festival circuit.

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Fozzy frontman and legendary WWE wrestler Chris Jericho talks to Graham ‘Gruhamed’ Hartmann about the 2012 Uproar Festival, their ‘Evil Dead’-inspired video for ‘Sandpaper’ + much more. Check out.

Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy announced on Wednesday their next album, Do You Wanna Start A War, will be released on July 22, 2014. Below is the official press release: FOZZY TO RELEASE NEW FULL.

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UPROXX sat down with Chris Jericho to talk Fozzy’s breakout hit ‘Judas,’ how to change without being Linkin Park, when he’ll return to WWE.

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Chris Jericho – The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla Y2J is the one-man embodiment of rock and wrestling — a multiple-times-over world champion who also fronts his own successful rock band, Fozzy. in.

You’ll of course note that WWE quickly backed down and/or lost interest in fucking around with canada any further, and the proper canadian hometowns were restored again.) Jericho slugs Christian down and goes after Trish, but Christian runs interference, so Jericho elbows him down and gets a backdrop.

 · Randy Orton forced Ric Flair into retirement, he punted RVD to win the WWE Title, did the same to Chris Jericho, and finished off Van Dam for good at Judgment Day before he added Nick Dinsmore to the casualty list. and now he wants to run Arn Anderson out of Smackdown!!

Chris. Jericho isn’t exactly youthful at this point, he is athletic enough to carry the older Vader and sell the heck out of his power moves. If Vader is still around when Jericho’s.

"Now I lay you down, but no one’s sleeping," wrestler and Fozzy howler Chris Jericho sings on "Lights Go Out," a gut-checking heavy-metal slow burner that also just happens to be one of the WWE’s.

And our brand new golden boy, A.J. Styles will be facing Chris Jericho for a third time. I think it’s fair to say that Jericho has done a great job in the latter days of his career of coming back from.