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Florida’s Sex Wars: the Battle to Decriminalize Sex Work

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 · Denver is the first city in the United States to virtually decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms (though the city still hasn’t actually made it legal to.

Decriminalization of sex work would "protect the very people that cause it," wrote the Washington Post editorial board-but the forces driving people to trade sex for money We need to decriminalize sex work and focus public efforts on providing opportunity and safety for people who trade sex.

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Sex work laws are a topic of hot debate in several parts of the world, including the UK. Even policy experts in this area can’t agree on the best way The passing of the Prostitution Reform Act followed years of work by New Zealand’s sex-worker organisation, the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective .

In 2017, sex workers in Canada continue to live and work in unsafe conditions, face predatory and state violence, immigration raids, deportation, surveillance and The Trudeau government has tackled several key pieces of its criminal law reform strategy but it’s long past time to decriminalize sex work.

Advocates for decriminalization argue that current laws regarding sex work unnecessarily While not nearly as expensive as the so-called War on Drugs, when state governments strictly enforce the Sex work — especially as it applies to sex workers, as opposed to clients — carries a stigma in a way that.

Meet the activists for decriminalizing prostitution in Las Vegas, Nevada. WATCH NEXT: VICELAND At The Women’s March: Voices From the March.

Sex work should be safe and legal, because if it is not the latter, it will not be the former. Sex worker Grace Bellavue died last week, and this is an appalling declaration on several counts. First, the person this sentence describes was just 28 and in possession of a rather fine mind that she put to good use.

"Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world who in most instances face constant risk of discrimination, violence and "Amnesty’s own studies and other research show that decriminalizing sex work and the surrounding environment, like brothels and clients, would improve.

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