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[SBS Star] BLACKPINK JENNIE Reveals a Funny Reason Why She Chose to Rap over Singing

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As much as I loved AAIYL, I just can’t understand YG sometimes. While ikon could use a few lessons in humility, Winner has made the best of a.

Welcome to Reddit, While ikon could use a few lessons in humility, Winner has made the best of a member loss and drought-like hiatus. But let’s be blunt here: The remaining BB members are enlisting in the next year, Blackpink will be YG’s most popular group by a long shot, and frequent promotions are critical for today’s up and coming groups.

Hover over the profile pic and click the Following button to unfollow any account.. not to be mean but blackpink has great rappers, but bts rapline is out of this world. jennie and lisa are good but they are just starting so please stop saying that they ended bts rapline.

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(Nerdist News w/ Jenny Lorenzo) Nerdist News.. D23 Expo Display Reveals New star wars jet trooper.. Why You Need to Read the Horror Masterpiece UZUMAKI.

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She can sing better than me but she isn’t as pretty as I. B) She can sing better than I but she isn’t as pretty as I C) She can sing better than me but she isn’t as pretty as me.

She shot her group in the foot just so she could do whatever she wanted/chill with her boyfriend (nevermind f(x) was her job at the time). YG song quality isn’t even that much better on average than other big labels in the industry. The ‘quality over quantity’ bullshit is just a PR farce YG stans lap up.

blackpink are the queenkas of kpop waaaw vay be lisa I might just try and cartwheel to Korea queen of backflips When Lisa did this I’m like I wish I was that flexible #BLACKPINK GOSHHH MY LISA IS THE QUUEN LIKE SHE IS GOALS OF EVERY LIVING PERSON IN THIS EARTH!! I LOVE YAHH LISA! Ver mais

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