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Florida Legislature Passes New Telehealth Law and Dentistry Should Follow Their Lead

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Florida Cuts Telemedicine Out of New Medical Marijuana Law Florida lawmakers have passed legislation that prevents doctors from using telemedicine to prescribe medical marijuana. Other states are mixed on how telehealth can be used in consults or prescriptions. Source: ThinkStock

Florida Passes New Telehealth Bill: Focus is Reimbursement. statutes and telehealth payment parity laws. The new bill comes on the. of the Florida legislation last Fall, the Telehealth.

While the Florida Department of Health (DOH) adopted a new telemedicine rule on March 12, 2014 [Rule 64B8-9.0141 and Rule 64B15-14.0081 of the Florida Administrative Code], several.

In a race that will help decide which party controls the Senate. around 11 million people get their health coverage. It’s the sixth enrollment period since the ACA was passed — and advocates for.

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The Florida legislature recently attempted to pass a telemedicine law, which would have significantly expanded the scope of permissible telemedicine in Florida. But, the bill (CS/SB 1646) died in appropriations on May 2, 2014.[1]

Telemedicine laws and developments: A state-by-state analysis. The bill has passed the Senate and is being considered by the New York Assembly.. Under a new law, The Telemedicine.

Phoning It In – Florida’s Brand New Telemedicine Law.. Both houses of the Florida State Legislature are considering a bill entitled the "Florida Telemedicine Act." If passed, it will create requirements for provider registration and health plan reimbursement for telemedicine services..

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Telemedicine continues to be a heated issue during the 2015 legislative session. With all the new technologies, mobile medical applications, expansion of health care access under the Affordable Care Act (), and the emphasis on quality of care, telemedicine is at the forefront of the health care industry.

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