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The Dangers of Undiagnosed Dementia: A Doctor’s Story

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Most people with bipolar disorder-about 70%-are misdiagnosed at least once. The Dangers of untreated bipolar disorder | Skip navigation HG Logo and Link to Home

Next, work with your loved one’s caregivers and doctors to see if undiagnosed or undertreated pain might be the cause of the acting out. Writing in the New York Times , author Paula Span related the story of a dementia patient who tore a door from its hinges before doctors realized he was in pain because of a urinary tract infection and.

Help for People With Undiagnosed diseases. undiagnosed diseases Program. "NIH doctors found that our problem was due to ACDC, a rare genetic disorder that allows calcium to build up in the.

Dangers of Untreated Hashimotos Disease It is common Knowledge that Hashimotos Thyroiditis is an autoimmune thyroid disorder. It is generally understood by our Gp’s and the endocrinologists who treat (or don’t treat) this condition that if a patiant has a diagnosis of Hashimotos, it is very possible there could also be other autoimmune.

I approached Dr. Elizabeth Landsverk, adjunct clinical professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Medical Director at Silverado Senior Living in Belmont, CA, about the dangers of allowing cognitive changes go undiagnosed. Below, Dr. Landsverk shares a personal story along with some wise words of advice for all of us.

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This story is about my personal misdiagnosis story and an explanation for why I do the work I do. If it wasn’t for my receiving a wrong diagnosis, I would not be your Guide to Patient Empowerment . In late June 2004, I found a golf ball-sized lump on my torso.

The study revealed that 28% of those with undiagnosed dementia still drove their cars, compared with only 17% of those who had received a dementia diagnosis. 29% of those struggling with symptoms but no dementia diagnosis had sole responsibility for their finances, compared with 12% of those with undiagnosed dementia.

The Overlooked Danger of Delirium in Hospitals The condition, once known as "ICU psychosis," disproportionately affects seniors and those who have been heavily sedated-and the delusions can.